Berlin, Germany

I was hired by Pixsy GmbH in January 2017 and started there as a Graphic Designer (my first job in Berlin). My aim was to develop the brand including main brand guidelines, business branding and animation design samples.

PIXSY is a fast-growing startup that helps photographers discover how their work is used online and resolve instances of unauthorised commercial use. They’ve helped 17,000+ photographers in 70+ countries uncover over 120 million uses of their photos online.

During first couple of months I managed to finalise the company Brandbook in line with various banners, newsletter headers, banners and a couple dozens of icons.

Identify image theft

Pixsy scans the web for matches of your photos and shows you where they are used. Pixsy even checks in the closet and under the sofa. If your photos are ever stolen, you can submit a case and claim compensation

Claim compensation

Just click “Submit a Case” if you see that your photo has been stolen. Pixsy’s Resolution team will investigate and collect evidence. Their global network of law firms will help you claim compensation if your photos are used without authorization.

Import photos in seconds

It only takes a few seconds to import your photos automatically from Flickr, 500px, Photoshelter, EyeEm, Instagram, Tumblr, SmugMug, PhotoDeck, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also upload photos from your computer or import directly from your personal website.

Company Brandbook 2017

Company icons

Marketing campaign

At the beginning of 2017 «A State of Image Theft» started, for which series of banners, buttons, newsletters were done. The campaign included a free downloadable guide «10 Ways To Protect Your Work in 2017»

All campaign was done within the flat design utilising company colors and core elements. The aim of this campaign was to reach people through banners and newsletters letting them know how to avoid infringement and keep an eye on unauthorised use of their content.

Sales Presentation